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ProPerArt Creations

The vision that drives ProPerArt Creations is based on the possibility of nurturing a vibrant environment on the Kenyan performing art scene through the active harnessing of the energy and creative talent of young people for the benefit of all society.

To this end, ProPerArt Creations actively promotes channels of artistic expression in all endeavours of the performing arts. The programme is especially interested in developing those areas that have a chance of reaching high professional standards, not shying away from novel multi-media approaches.

Through these interactions with young artists, the more experienced are able to pass on their experience and impart values to the next generation of performing artists. This is the approach the ProPerArt Open Academy is pursuing, along with ensuring that outputs of the work it inspires is readily available on open access basis for capacity strengthening of the youth, in Africa and across the Diaspora. Graduates of the academy, such as Charles Bukeko and Kariuki Thige are already proving themselves in the global scene.

Who we are and what we do ...

ProPerArt Trust operates as a unique alliance or consortium of professionals drawn from the widest cross section of disciplines and trades. The consortium is a unique intellectual melting pot, blending a wide range of competencies and talents. It is a think-tank forum that promotes cross-fertilisation of ideas, as well as serving as an incubation outlet of visionary dreams and aspirations.

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