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Collaborative Theatre Projects

The programme has been responsible for the development of the UTU 2000 concept, a proposal for a major East African festival based on the peoples own creative efforts in the course of their daily life. The first collaborative theatre project was undertaken in late 1999 in conjunction with a Kenyan drama group, Arts Ablaze. The play, Falling into Place, was an original piece written by JPR Ochieng’-Odero and performed in aid of charity, which premiered on 9th December 1999 at the Kenya National Theatre. The play won the Most Outstanding Creative Award in the 2000 Mbalamwezi Theatre Awards.

     The very next year, ProPerArt Creations teamed up with Tufani Arts Ensemble to produce JPR’s original play Slow down my teacher that premiered at the French Cultural Centre, Nairobi on 12th September 2001. The play, marketed under slogan of Utazunguka? was an exploration of the popular Kikamba folklore about the rock of Nzambani located in Kitui in eastern Kenya. The play was published by Acacia Publishers (ISBN: 9966 917 22 5). JPR’s modern satire Unearthing the Worm was commissioned by Phoenix Players and later opened in Nairobi on 31st May 2002.

     Using the power of storytelling to engage the public to discuss how they can deal and cope with the menace of crime, ProPerArt Creations began in 2004, to undertake a series of consultations with various stakeholders and with other ProPerArt Trust living in various parts of Kenya, as well as in the Diaspora. The process fruitfully yielded the development of an original stage work titled as When it rainswhich premiered in Nairobi on 17th September, 2010 produced by Phoenix Players, and was published by Acacia Publishers.

     ProPerArt sponsored JPRs “You gave me the urge… Why then deny me the performance?, a highly entertaining, provocative satirical piece of drama that uses powerful imagery, music and storytelling as well as flashback to openly discuss the most embarrassing and taboo sexual condition afflicting many men, known in medical circles as Erectile Dysfunction (ED). The production premiered at the Alliance Française, Nairobi in October 2015 under the direction of Odingo Hawi and starring Steenie Njoroge.

Who we are and what we do ...

ProPerArt Trust operates as a unique alliance or consortium of professionals drawn from the widest cross section of disciplines and trades. The consortium is a unique intellectual melting pot, blending a wide range of competencies and talents. It is a think-tank forum that promotes cross-fertilisation of ideas, as well as serving as an incubation outlet of visionary dreams and aspirations.

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